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Urinary Tract

The Kidneys and Bladder are formed from the deepest embryological tissue layer.

That makes healing issues in these areas among the most challenging.

Kidney symptoms

Urinary Tract Case Study 1:

Healing UTIs Resulted in Reversal of Scoliosis

"I am 88 years old and hope to continue with my good health.

A case in point:

For about six years I had been suffering with recurring bladder infections, which since moving to Hawaii were occurring about every six months.

Dr. Swartwout's herbs and vitamins brought this under control and I have had no more recurrence in well over a year.

In fact, my whole body system is in good shape."

- Myra in Hawai’i.

Later, after just a few days of retracing symptoms similar to a kidney infection eight years prior, Myra regained 1 and 1/2 inches of height as her scoliosis decreased.

Case Study 2:

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