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Remedy Programs

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Brain Program: supports brain function, cleansing while you sleep, and restoration of brain health.

Crystalline Lens Program: remedies developed after publishing Cataract Solutions book to support prevention and reversal.

Dry Eye Relief Program: program developed after publishing Dry Eye Relief book to enhance comfort, function, and healing.

Glucose Tolerance Program: support for sugar regulation and prevention of glycation damage.

Gut Terrain Program: restore integrity of gut mucosa and healthy microbiome.

Macular Wellness Program: program developed after publishing Macular Degeneration... Macular Regeneration book to support prevention and reversal.

OcuFlow Program: program developed after publishing Healing Glaucoma book to support prevention and healing.

Reverse Aging Program: support reversal of aging and degeneration.

Scar Reduction Program: stimulate reformation of scar tissue.

Remedy Bundles

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Dental Bundle: Wicking toothbrush, and powders to support dental health and remineralization.

Skin Bundle: Rejuvenate and regenerate healthier, more youthful skin.

Sleep Bundle: Support restful, regenerative, cleansing sleep.

Travel Bundle: Key wellness companions for travelers. 

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