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Healing Immune Issues

Immune issues range from allergy and toxicity to immune deficiency and autoimmune challenges.

Immune System Organs

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Immune System Case Study 1:

No More Allergy or Headaches

"At this Thanksgiving season, I'd like to thank you for no headaches, sneezes and runny nose.

I've not taken actifed or tylenol now for 5 months and my previous allergic symptoms are gone.

How wonderful it is to be this way!

Through that horrid, strict diet, I've learned to be careful with my intake of sugar, chocolate, yeast and caffeine.

I'm amazed how food can affect your health.

P.S. Those herbs helped me alot, too!"

- Gloria in Hawai'i

Immune System Case Study 2:

Healing for a Cancer Survivor

"I was fortunate enough to hear about Dr. G. Swartwout, whom I started to see.

I was experiencing periods of physically decreased energy, frequent sinus attacks, and bouts with the flu three times that winter!

Pain was increasing in both hand joints.

A half dozen trips to my family physician relieved some physical symptoms, but the cause remained and continued to resurface in yet another symptom.

Both knees and right leg pain continued to increase.

After my first office visits with Dr. Swartwout I began to experience physical and emotional decrease in all these ailments.

Now one year later, I can safely say that I am indeed being returned to physical and emotional health of which I am very grateful.

Thank you again."

- Barbara, an R.N. and world-renowned therapist in Hawai'i

Immune System Case Study 3:

Unsung Heroes Newspaper Article

“My name is Timothy "Oly" Kern. I grew up on Oahu and have lived on the Big Island for some 18 years. I am a unique individual with severe health challenges including allergies from childhood and a degenerative arthritic condition that developed in my late 20's. As a child I spent years taking allergy shots and heavy medications. At the time ( met Dr. Swartwout I was undergoing a relatively new form of treatment in standardized medicine called EPD. This process has given some complete relief of their allergies while many others are able to greatly reduce their use of allergy remedies. I underwent treatment on this program for over two years and although I did experience some improvement, the results weren't long lasting. The recommended length of time that one is to undergo this treatment is 2 years and so I began looking for other alternatives. I decided to give "Dr. Glen" a try. Through the non-invasive testing that Dr. Glen does, he is able to test the meridians of the body and locate blockages. He also tests the body's response to an extensive number of foods, vitamins, minerals and many other substances. Guided by your body's response he is able to let you know what things your body responds positive to and avoid those that are taxing the body. With the guidance I have received from Dr. Glen, my own effort and the unique quality products offered... I am experiencing improved health and wellness. I am truly thankful for the thoughtful care that I see Dr. Glen give each of his patients. It should be noted that Dr. Glen is a licensed optometrist who has studied and used Biofield Analysis for many years. This approach is a type of muscle testing which is non-invasive and makes use of a biofield instrument from which he receives the body's response.” - Timothy "Oly" Kern (submitted to "Unsung Heroes" special issue of Hawaii Tribune Herald newspaper)

Immune System Case Study 4:

Vacation Saved...

“Very surprised and amazed with the healing here.

Came in with a pretty strong head cold, which usually takes at least 3 weeks to go away for me.

Glen worked me up to his machine and found some weaknesses and some medicine (NAC) to balance it (lymph system).

I had been so miserable all day, but after taking this NAC, I woke up the next morning feeling almost completely better.

Never gotten over a head cold so fast in my life.

Saved my vacation.

Mahalos, Glen!

Not to mention that this is an awesome place to stay.

The energy here is so mellow, warm, comfortable, and welcoming. Will recommend highly.”

Micah Pexa, Hilo

Immune System Case Study 5:

Healing Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Our client writes:

"Thank you for the tape (5 Phases of Health).

The items/medications you gave me are improving things for me.

I still do not know what type of a healer to call you, and would like a title sometime.

I'm impressed, the regular doctors either do not know what's wrong, how to treat it, say it can't be treated, or give me medications that make me ill.

I am getting rather disenchanted with them and can't decide what to do.

I want to know more about what you do to understand this a bit more.

I do want to see if you can continue to help me.

I apologize for doubting you, but I have never heard of anything like you do.

Again, thank you."

and an update:

“I was going to phone you I was so excited, but each time I thought of it I began to cry.

It's awesome!

For the 1st time in 4 years I went into PKP [Shopping Mall] and stayed.

It was my 1st movie in 4 years!!!

While it wasn't the best movie, and I had & still do some reactions it's amazing how this is all working the last 2 months.

Thank you sounds too lame but it's all I have.

I'm starting to cry again.

I've been in 3 restaurants and Block Buster with (for me) few to no problems.

I even drove to Kailua/Kona this week.

I'm far from normal, but I'm getting my life back!

I don't know if we can hit normal but this is so much better than when we began.”

- Deb in Hawai'i

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